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[05 Sep 2009|10:37am]

he called me at one-fifteen this morning. i had been holding my phone, waiting for a text message from him, and i had fallen asleep. i woke with my phone still in my hand, his name and picture on my phone's screen. we talked for an hour and twelve minues about nothing, the two of us fading in from near-unconsciousness to consciousness. his voice grew hoarse, and started to sound so unbelievably sexy. we talked about everything and nothing. we breathed. we yawned. we teased and laughed and i just wanted him to be right there, right beside me - i wanted to see his face and be able to feel his breath and his warmth; i wanted to be able to kiss him. i fell even more in love with him as i laid on my bed, smiling, heart beating soso fast as he told me goodnight once more - as i kept him talking for another ten minutes after that.


[29 Aug 2009|12:24pm]

he challenges me everyday. he's always there, he's always what i need. he is laughter and summertime and a battle that i never want to win or lose. we are arguments and kisses and hugs and never tears. we are romance and simple happiness and frustration. we're passionate kisses in the rain and soft smiles as the sun sets. this is everything i've wanted.

and yet, i simply feel content. i want to feel more. so much more.

i hate it.

[27 Jul 2009|09:39pm]

i drew with chalk today, with my boyfriend's little sister. we came to the subject of marriages, and she said, "what if you married my brother?" i didn't say that we were too young, and i didn't say that i had toyed around with the idea. i simply said that my friends had been saying that for years, and that seemed to satate her.

but i love him,
right here, right now,
and that works for me.

this is me; [20 Jun 2009|01:57pm]

my name is unimportant, but i am in highschool. i'm happily uncertain. & in love with a kinda-sorta-almost-normal guy. :D i overuse smiley faces, because i know how many ways text can be interpreted. i have problems with silence, after an incident last december. my loved ones are my world. don't you dare mess with them! i read a lot, but write a lot more. my life is how it is, and i'm happy with it. things could be worse; things have been worse. i'm always the person waiting at the house, when her friends have snuck out, making sure that they'll be okay. i like the simple things. i don't know who i am yet, but that's okay. i'm known to run away, but those that come after me are the ones who stick around forever. this is me. you like what you see, stick around. you have a problem with it, find someone else to be your friend. iloveyou,♥

& on this site;
i'm going to write about life. complain about things, maybe. post (fan)mixes. maybe some art. or pretty pictures that i find and i like. 

i love friends. so feel free to add me if you think i sound like someone you want to get to know. (:

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